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Welcome to the website of the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC)

Chairman of the Environmental Campaign Committee - Mr. LAM Chiu-ying SBS Established in 1990, ECC aims at arousing public awareness and enhancing public understanding of environmental issues as well as encouraging the active participation of people from all walks of life in working together for a better, livable Hong Kong.

We are a non-statutory body responsible to the Secretary for the Environment as well as a partner of the Environment and Conservation Fund. Over the years, ECC has organized numerous territory-wide environmental activities. We also collaborate with environmental groups in conducting a diversity of projects and handle the vetting of funding applications from local non-profit making organisations (e.g. green groups, community bodies, schools) for environmental education and minor works projects.

You are welcome to browse the website, as well as our thematic websites for schools and students, funding applications and the business sector.  Apart from learning more about the individual themes, you are invited to reflect on what you could do, in your position, to conserve nature and to improve our living environment and how the ECC might be able to give you support.

Building a better future requires the collective effort of everyone in Hong Kong. I sincerely wish that we would join hands in Hong Kong into a sustainable, green, and livable city.

Signature of Chairman of the Environmental Campaign Committee

LAM Chiu-ying SBS
Chairman of the Environmental Campaign Committee

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