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Environmental Resources and Forms
Application Form for Employment with the Environmental Campaign Committee Secretariat
2012-2013 Community Participation Programme in Environmental Protection in
 Collaboration with District Councils" Booklet (Chinese Only)


Promotion Programme on Source Separation of Waste
Residential Buildings:
Application Form and Undertaking for Housing Estate/Building
Commercial & Industrial Buildings:
Application Form and Undertaking for Building
Promotion Poster
Dump Less, Save More, Recycle Right
Stickers for Indoor Waste Separation Bins
Indoor Waste Separation Bins - Paper
Indoor Waste Separation Bins - Plastics
Indoor Waste Separation Bins - Metals
Stickers for Outdoor Waste Separation Bins
Outdoor Waste Separation Bins - Paper
Outdoor Waste Separation Bins - Plastics
Outdoor Waste Separation Bins - Metals
Reusable Tableware Lending Programme for Large-scale Events
Application form
Comic「識『碳』家族」(Chinese version only)
Guide to Application and Application Forms for EE&CA Projects
EPD Environmental Resource Centres and Loan Out Service of Education Materials
"Green Cooking Green Living" Cookbook

Green Links
Environment Bureau
Environmental Protection Department
Hong Kong Waste Reduction Website
CLP GreenPlus E-Newsletter
Tree and Landscape Map of Development Bureau
Climate Ready@HK
Energy Saving for all
Clean Shorelines
Council for Sustainable Development
Country Parks Education Programmes
Green HK Green
Low Carbon Action


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