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The Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) has been set up since 1990 to promote public awareness of environmental issues and encourage the public to contribute actively towards a better environment. Committee members are appointed by the Chief Executive. Representatives of relevant government departments, including the Environmental Protection Department, also sit on the Committee. Since its establishment, the ECC has planned and organized many environmental events and activities for different sectors of the community.
Terms of Reference
To campaign for the environment with the objectives of instilling the sense of environmental responsibility and motivating attitude and behavioural change towards environmental protection;
To advise the government on publicity and educational programmes related to the environment with a view to contributing to the government’s formulation of relevant policy initiatives and measures;
To collaborate with stakeholders of the community in promoting public environmental awareness and encouraging community environmental actions for a sustained and society-wide impact;
To implement publicity and educational programmes related to the environment, and to monitor and review the programmes with a view to improving their impact and effectiveness in a manner contemporary to societal need;
To encourage and facilitate communication, collaboration and capacity building among stakeholders of the community in maximising programme synergy and their knock-on effects; and
To administer resource granted under the delegated authority of the Environment and Conservation Fund Committee judiciously and in a publicly accountable manner.  

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